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    Work Conditioning

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Work Hardening

One of the most successful occupational treatments is the work hardening program. This goal oriented, measurable-outcome based treatment program uses real or simulated work activities to restore physical and vocational function.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved range of motion, strength and endurance
  • Increased functional abilities, physical demand level and workplace tolerance
  • Improved symptom management
  • Balance disorders, frequent falls
  • Swift and safe return to work
  • Functional capacity evaluations to assist in establishing return to work standards

Occupational Rehabilitation

If you are injured at work and require medical attention, we have a system in place to support your healthy recovery. Occupational rehabilitation involves your physician, your physical therapist, and a case manager or adjustor who monitors your safe return to work.

There are three key areas to address:

1. Immediate evaluation and care of the injury.

2. Communication between all parties involved. We follow a structured system designed to promote communication between the patient, physician, physical therapist and case adjustor/manager. This allows all parties to understand the individual's treatment plan, prognosis, and return-to-work status.

3. Ensuring the individual's safe return to work. Workplace Wellness and functional capacity evaluations are also offered.



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