Optimizing Recovery After Exercise


Optimizing Recovery After Exercise

8 Tips on how to improve recovery after exercise.

I often get asked questions regarding improving sports performance. How can the athletes find that extra 1% (5, 10%) that would set them apart from their (sometimes stale) performance?

The answer is in optimizing training and optimizing recovery. In other words, train hard, train, smart and recover well. Recovery can be vital and yet neglected part of athlete care. Even beyond working with athletes, do WE get the recovery we need?

 Think about these points on improving recovery:

  1. Increased physical or emotional stress requires an increase in recovery quality and time

  2. Plan your training sessions so they change gradually and incorporate recovery

  3. Simple recovery is the best! Rehydrate, refuel, rest, sleep. There is some evidence of the benefits of cryochambers, NormaTec sleeves and other devices but it is not convincing

  4. Sleep is key. Aim for 7 to 9 hours per night, more if you are training/ racing hard. Naps during the day are great!

  5. Massage therapy has been gaining in popularity and has been effective especially in endurance sports

  6. Develop a post-workout routine to optimize recovery (healthy snack right after workout, rehydrate, eat a well-balanced meal, sleep

  7. Mental prep and meditation do wonders

  8. Nutrition! Do I need to say more? You cannot outrun a bad diet


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Written by By Zuzana Rogers, PT, ScD, SCS, COMT

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 Source: Tom Goom, BSc, MCSP. The Running Physio.