More than THERAPY


WASILLA - Pregnancy and Postpartum Functional Fitness Class

This is a 6 week functional fitness class for the pregnant or postpartum mom looking to strengthen and rehab her core and pelvic floor as well as her whole body. Each week we will progress with a new movement by creating a proper strategy to manage pressure and working on proper form and mechanics of that movement. 
Postpartum moms need to be at least 6-8 weeks postpartum with a clearance from your OBGYN to start an exercise program.

Class schedule will be available in Fall 2019
Price: $140 for 6 classes

Kellee Grenier PT, DPT
Nicole Goss PTA, CPT, CF-L1

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SEWARD - Back After Baby: Reconnect, Resume and Restore

This six-week postpartum rehabilitation class is targeted at giving women resources and guidance to get their bodies back after having a baby. Any woman from six weeks to one year postpartum is welcome to join this class. Pregnancy can lead to muscle imbalances and dysfunctions in movement patterns that can remain even after the body has recovered.

Physical therapists specialty trained in Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Pilates have developed a safe and effective program to help mothers resume their active lifestyle. Every woman should have access to rehabilitation after having a baby, and this class will aid women by regaining mobility, strength, and confidence!

Class schedule will be available in Fall 2019
Price: $125

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SEWARD - Running Essentials: Fitness Class

The running essentials fitness class is a four week long one hour fitness class focused on the development of running specific fitness. The class will incorporate activities to develop muscle strength, endurance, and neuromuscular control necessary for AK trail running. Participants will have the opportunity for pre and post-class movement and injury screening for the specific tailoring of interventions to address identified weaknesses, helping to achieve summer running goals.

Class schedule will be available in Fall 2019
Price: $125

Refund Policy for Pre-Registered Courses

To cancel a class and receive a refund, cancellation requests must occur up until 48 hours prior to the class.  A 20 percent administration fee will be deducted for all cancellations. If you cancel within less than 48 hours, no refund or exchange will be given.  APT is not responsible for any missed classes, and will not refund or give partial credit for any missed sessions within the 6-week class period.

In the event our class instructors need to cancel a class, you will be notified by phone and email immediately.  When this happens, a make-up will be scheduled or you will be directed to attend any comparable class as a make-up.