What is the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (IAOM) and what is Advanced Physical Therapy's affliction?

The quoted text below is from www.iaom-us.com - visit the website to learn more!

"The IAOM teaches healthcare professionals to go beyond orthopedic manual therapy, to reach past pain and treat people. The IAOM courses give clinicians the tools they need to develop evidence-based treatment plans to manage or overcome pain and increase mobility, but it doesn't end there. Using biopsychosocial and sensorimotor control models, we help visionary healthcare professionals to move patients further down the road to recovery — toward sustainable health and active, joyful living."

The IAOM keeps Advanced Physical Therapy advanced and on the cutting-edge. Advanced Physical Therapy's practice director, Dr. Valerie Phelps, founded the IAOM and is currently the IAOM Director of Education. For the IAOM fellowship program certified by the American Physical Therapy Association, Advanced Physical Therapy's Anchorage and Fairbanks clinics are certified fellowship sites. Three Advanced Physical Therapy physical therapists serve as IAOM faculty and thus teach throughout the nation. Other therapists serve on the IAOM editorial board and contribute to IAOM publications.