• Our History:

    Our History:

    Established in 2000 with four employees and a vision...
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Dedication and Professionalism

Valerie A. Phelps, PT, ScD, COMT, FAOMPT, started advanced physical therapy in August of 2000 with four other employees and a vision to work with chronic pain clients. The efforts of these few, dedicated caregivers transformed patient care and the lives of those who thought expert care could not be found in Alaska. By 2011 doors opened to three more clinics. Each successive clinic uses the same treatment paradigms, and follows the same mission that made our initial contact so successful: Service the communities in your life by being the best.

We believe that our system of research supported musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment is the ticket to lasting wellness. This philosophy has directed the finest therapists and administrative professionals to pursue their careers with us and in Alaska. Our comprehensive menu of specialized therapeutic services is reflective of the diverse individuals who have decided there is nowhere better to work than at advanced physical therapy.

APT is owned by the employees, so the money generated in Alaska, stays in Alaska. Ask any one of the employees and you will hear stories about the organizations they support and the ways they contribute to their community. advanced physical therapy has chosen to partner with their employees and support their efforts through corporate contributions. You will find employees lecturing and offering advice to the community at trade shows, in the classrooms and out on the trails.

Red chair

The Red Chair

When we are uncomforable or troubled about a person or a situation in our lives, we often created ways to avoid them in order to carry on with our lives, safely. We walk around a swift current in the stream, fearful of getting wet. Or, we stop looking or speaking to a person because of the anger or resentment we feel for them. How often do we realize that stepping into the stream we experience water differently and yet survive? Letting go of the anger long enough to allow the unspoken words of truth to come through may cause barriers to drop away and relationships to grow stronger.

Through life, other situations or relationships may appear. By sitting in them and experiencing them you grow stronger with the lessons they provide. Not moving and avoiding what you know in your heart, keeps you from growing; keeps you from life.

The red chair is a symbol and an opportunity for you to sit in the situation that troubles you, to feel the discomfort of it and to then realize that you will survive it, but only if you experience it first hand. When we deal with the things that bother us, it is only then that we can move to the other side of it. The realization is that the situation is not as bad as we imagined.

Sit in the red chair and experience what keeps you from the riches you deserve.

Peter Burke, 2002