Peter Burke

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Graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in 1982, earning a double major in fine arts and a minor in exercise science. After working in the field of architectural design, Peter’s passion for exercise and adventure led him to the Fitness and Health Institute in Tucson, Arizona, for 8 years as a personal trainer and activities director. In 1993 Peter won a Country Music Television (CMT) national line-dance competition and went on to perform and act as the fitness director and assistant to the Cruise Director on the TSS Stella Solaris cruise ship. Having developed a technique for spinal re-stabilization, he and Valerie Phelps wrote Stabilization and Functional Exercise, a patient workbook in 2005, which he is currently working on the 3 rd edition. Peter continues to make art, kayaks with Valerie and uses his skills in a variety of creative ways.