Aquatic Therapy (Wasilla location only)

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Advanced Aqua Therapy

Advanced Physical Therapy offers hour-long individual aquatic treatments from a fully licensed therapist with advanced training thru Aquatic Therapy University. Our full-size warm water pool (88 degrees) is fully equipped with an underwater treadmill and dual swim currents. Aquatic therapy can be used to address musculoskeletal and neurological conditions affecting any part of the body, and can be manipulated to either stimulate or calm the nervous system.

Waters intrinsic properties allow our therapists to place the patient comfortably in control of the amount of resistance applied to a limb during strength training - this can be especially important for patients who have developed a learned fear of mobility due to chronic pain. Our warm water pool allows us to help patients that have reached major roadblocks in their recovery by gently and gradually restoring confidence and hope for those with life-altering injuries or diagnoses.

Symptoms and conditions benefiting from treatment in aquatic therapy:

  • Chronic pain, fibromyalgia

  • Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

  • Return to sport conditioning

  • Balance disorders, frequent falls

  • Pain with exercise and fear of movement

  • Pregnancy

  • Total joint replacement rehabilitation

  • Obesity