Occupational Health

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Occupational Health

Our occupational health program is here to serve Alaska’s workforce. We have trained certified Physical and Occupational Therapists who provide care for the many facets of rehabilitation and safe return to work.

Services Include:

  • Rehabilitation for injured workers

  • Work Hardening/Conditioning program

  • Pre-employment evaluations

  • Fit-for- Work testing and Return to Work determination

  • On-site Job Demands assessment

  • Work-site Ergonomic assessment (select locations)

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Our Occupational Health clinicians are all licensed Physical/Occupational Therapist, certified in the nationally recognized ErgoScience(tm) based FCE testing and screening methods. We also offer WorkSteps(tm) testing by certified clinicians

Occupational Rehabilitation

If you are injured at work and require medical attention, we have a system in place to support your healthy recovery. Occupational rehabilitation involves your physician, your physical therapist, and a case manager or adjustor who monitors your safe return to work.

Objective Testing allows us to accurately measure a client’s ability to perform the physical demands required by a specific job, and evaluate the circumstances that may be injurious to the client. Work related injuries can be minimized and specific risks can be identified during an objective assessment of physical ability. Additionally, following an injury we can assist a clients’ return to work at the appropriate time, and level of work.