Pelvic Health

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The Advanced Approach

Advanced Physical Therapy provides individualized treatment programs which respect the unique needs of each patient with a pelvic condition such as incontinence, pelvic pain, as well as orthopedic conditions related to pregnancy and the postpartum periods.

Our pelvic health therapists have been trained in evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor function, as well as men's and women's health issues across the lifespan. Evaluation of pelvic conditions includes a thorough orthopedic assessment of the lumbar spine, hips, pelvic ring including sacroiliac joints, as well as the abdominal, hip, and pelvic floor muscles.

Treatment may include:

Interventions such as manual treatment and training of pelvic floor muscles, either intravaginally, intrarectally, or externally. Pelvic floor biofeedback is a method that may also be used to aid in training these muscles. A home program is designed for each patient, which will include appropriate exercises and will address lifestyle factors that affect the problem being addressed.

Common diagnoses treated in pelvic PT:

Abdominal pain/weakness, Coccydynia, Constipation, Diastasis Recti, Fecal incontinence, Interstitial cystitis, Levator Ani Syndrome, Orthopedic pain/dysfunction, Painful bladder syndrome, Pelvic organ prolapse, Pelvic pain, Postural imbalance, Testicular pain, Urinary incontinence, Vaginismus, Voiding dysfunction, Vulvodynia.