Wellness Massage

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Licensed Massage Therapists

Advanced Physical Therapy's massage therapy by licensed massage therapists relieves physical stress, reduces common aches and pains, and helps clients maintain optimal levels of health and well-being. Treatment is guided by the client and tissue-response, with emphasis on using the right technique and correct pressure to yield the results that make a difference for daily life.

Learn about our three particular styles of massage and try the one or all for yourself - 50 minute treatments are now $85!

Massage Types:

  • Relaxation massage

  • Manual lymph drainage

    • Alleviates pain and swelling, and promotes optimal immune system function.

  • Deep tissue massage

    • Facilitates the relaxation of frequent or chronically tight areas of the body. Our massage therapists apply precise knowledge of anatomy and accurate muscle isolation while respecting the comfort and well-being of the client.